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A 2019 poll of registered voters showed that more than 50% of Californians are seriously considering leaving the state.  Many seek lower property prices, more land, or a slower-paced life.  Whether you're retired or still working, my biggest piece of advice to those considering a move out of state is:  Do your homework and consider a trial move before you sell your home.

Before you cash in your coastal equity and buy 10 acres of land and a house to live that no mortgage lifestyle, be sure to research the following factors at your next home's state and county: 

  • Cost of living expenses - It's likely a gallon of gas or milk is going to be cheaper compared to Orange County.
  • Property taxes - Did you know some states property taxes are over 4%, compared to OC's 1.25% rate?
  • Proximity to an airport - If you don't want visitors and don't plan to travel much, this doesn't matter as much, but having an airport within a 45 min. drive is pretty convenient.
  • Proximity to doctors and a hospital - As we all face the inevitable aging process, don't set yourself up for long drives to see the Doc.
  • Weather -  Most people who visit California remind us what we often take for granted:  We have some of the most best weather in the world.  If you miss having defined seasons, you may enjoy a move to Boise or Denver. 
  • Bugs - We have it pretty good in California when it comes to bugs.  Sure, termites are constantly trying to eat our framing, but some other states are known for all sorts of insects that we've never had to deal with here.

In addition to doing your homework on your destination, visit a few times and get to know the city and neighborhood where you really want to settle.  Finally, consider renting out your California home for a year and try out the move before you fully commit.  I've heard many folks say, "it's not easy buying back into California once you leave".  This is a huge financial decision, so please make it with as much information in front of you as possible.


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