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Hello friends

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well.  My wife and I are well and feeling very fortunate during a challenging year.   

After a pause in March and April, the Real Estate market in Southern California roared back in May and shows no signs of slowing down.  While many sellers have chosen to wait until we can get a handle on the pandemic (causing inventory to remain LOW), buyers are lining up to buy every correctly-priced home to capitalize on low interest rates that are still hovering around 3%! 

I've spoken to many of you about refinancing while rates are so low.  Call me anytime if I can help suggest a lender or run some numbers for you. 

If you're considering moving, low inventory and high buyer demand

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First, and most importantly, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

To all of you in essential businesses keeping us safe, healthy, and well-fed, I sincerely thank you for your hard work on the front lines, often keeping you away from your loved ones.  I've had the privilege of working with many clients in these fields, and we're all lucky to have you in our lives.

I’d love to know what you’re doing during your newfound spare time?  I’ve been doing lots of organizing, archiving, and learning.  In California, Real Estate has been deemed an essential business, so by taking some precautions, both physical and legal, I am able to assist clients who need to sell or buy a home.  Many clients who can wait are electing to do so, and I think that’s

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It’s the beginning of the month and almost all of us are paying our rent or mortgages in the coming days.  Many are facing drastic income loss.  Fortunately, many lenders are offering some relief to homeowners.   Some offer postponing up to 6 months of no payments with no credit impact.  Some are tacking the missed payments to the end of the loan while others are requiring repayment by a certain deadline, which may not offer enough relief.  Be sure you get everything in writing before taking them up on their offer.  Call me with any questions and let’s crunch the numbers together.  For those of you who rent, be sure to speak to your landlord as soon as possible.  They may be receiving relief on their loan, which might be passed on to their tenants?    A

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2019 State Streets Home Sales & My Outlook for 2020


I am proud to have sold three State Street homes in 2019:  3202 Iowa, 3209 Michigan, and 3216 New York.  These sales represent the highest 3 prices per sq. foot for the year, and 3 of the 4 highest ever in the State Streets.   Looking back, I appreciate my clients' trust in my pre-marketing preparations, home pricing, and negotiation strategies for each sale.  Each home received multiple offers with 10 total offers received over the three homes.   I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to show you how I can help you achieve the same with your home sale.  The top sale in the neighborhood according to sales price in 2019 goes to the expanded 1722 Missouri St. at $1,049,900. 

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2019 Canyon Park Home Sales & My Outlook for 2020 

Market value for a standard three bedroom, one bathroom "Freedom Home" with few to no upgrades jumped above $800,000 during 2019.  910 Dogwood was in need of upgrading throughout and sold for a mouth-watering $804,500. Dogwood has become one of the nicest streets in the neighborhood, which certainly played a role in this sale.  With interest rates hovering around 4% and inventory incredibly low, I predict this base price will continue to hold strong in 2020.  There’s an abundance of first time buyers and move-up condo buyers who love our little secret by the bluffs, and when they compare prices to east side Costa Mesa, or even red-hot College Park, Canyon Park looks like a steal.

I predict

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An annual Halloween parade for kids, pets, and parents mostly in costume?   It's the envy of every neighborhood, or should be!  2019's parade was no exception.  Hundreds of neighbors met at 4:15, as they have for the past 29 years, before setting off on the 3 block stroll.  I had the privilege of catching up with past clients, friends, and family on the parade route and spotted many more I wish I saw more often.  "Can we have a parade more often than once a year?", one neighbor asked.  Kudos to fellow Realtor Mary Fewel, who has lead the parade since its inception.  The neighborhood is lucky to have this great event.  Long may it continue!

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